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Expand your experience and connection to spirituality by traveling with us!


After successfully taking groups to south India for many years, we want to expand the spiritual horizon by offering spiritual travel journeys to destinations such as Japan and Colombia in 2023. 

In Japan we plan a 10 day pilgrimage in one of the worlds most sacred sites: The Shikoku Pilgrimage!


In our journey to Colombia we aim to connect with south American spirituality. Our Colombian friends Pablo and Leela will introduce us to traditional local shamanism and natural medicines

.The groups will be intimate with max. 12p.p. to guarantee you make the most from this journey and respect the nature of our practices and experiences.

Stay tuned for more information.

If you are interested in joining us contact us to save your spot!

Spiritual Journey To India 2023

Experience the spiritual magic of India led by Pujan and Betty. Starting in Chennai, this journey takes us through the heart of spiritual southern India.

Spend 5 nights in Auroville and 6 nights in Tiruvanamalai near Ramana ashram. Explore French-inspired Pondicherry, Matra Mandir, visit holy the cave where Ramana sat in meditation for 15 years, walk on Arunachala, visit Ramana Maharshi Ashtram and experience various traditional and religious ceremonies. 

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