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Coronavirus and Vedanta - Do you choose beauty or despair?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

In this crisis, created by the coronavirus, we can either fall into the abyss of despair and self-doubt, or we can go through the portal and enter a new way of being in this world.

This is a statement that comes often through my mind as I am thrown into this journey of being unable to go home for over 6 months now.

Of course, where ever I am, I am in contact with the same mind and with the same body. Environments change, climates change but something always stays the same, my perception of this apparent world.

It is my choice to either see the constant unchanging beauty in this world or to dismiss it and focus on the uncomfortable sides of life. I can see the beauty of the earth through nature or the eyes of a friend.

Or do I want to concentrate on the absence of a familiar environment, the cancellation of work opportunities, and the continuous separation from my wife?

Coronavirus and Vedanta philosophy Pujan Yoga

Life is the way it is.

There are no judgments and no likes and dislikes. Ishvara is not there to please me, but to take care of the whole.

Situations arise in my life for learning, not to punish me.

Yes, I am not a saint and I don’t have the equanimity of a Buddha, so sometimes preferences DO arise because of past conditioning. But through observation, they dissolve in the awareness of the moment.

Just breathing out and through the opening of my eyes, I become present again.

Life is good.

"Let your way be done and not mine"

... as it is written in the Bible. I keep on trusting the unfolding of this beautiful life.

"Being established in Yoga, perform your actions well but relinquish attachment for the outcome, Oh Arjuna thus you will attain inner peace in the midst of action. This evenness of mind is Yoga." BG 2.48

Future plans of Pujan Yoga TTCs

Pujan Yoga will continue offering TTCs, Satsang, and support in the future. Depending on the border opening of Thailand, we are planning to offer another 300hr TTC in March 2021 on Koh Phangan.

Stay updated about news on Facebook. Wishing you all a graceful life.

Om and Prem Pujan

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