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Am I enlightened when the Kundalini is rising? Insights into the experiences of different students.

In the last 6 months, I had five people send to me from all over the world with different symptoms related to spontaneous kundalini rising experiences.

I was recommended to them, because some of my friends know, that I worked excessively in the 90s with these symptoms and that I had myself a Kundalini awakening.

During this time we ran a kundalini emergence retreat with students who experienced some of these symptoms and did not want to end up in some mental hospital. It was a very interesting experience, to say the least!

All six people who were sent to me had very different symptoms and expressions of these energies but some similarities were there as well.

I want to write just a little bit about what one can experience when/if it happens and what an onlooker can do.

Kundalini rising experience and support.

Kundalini experiences can happen to everyone at any time.

In all of these cases, the students had very little preparation and none was doing Kundalini practices. One was doing a TM meditation for the first time, one had repressed sexuality that exploded after some shaktipat, two were triggered in a yoga class and one was spontaneous with no apparent triggering cause.

What they all had in common was intense shaking of the body, formations of mudras and spontaneous sounds that could come out orgasmic or painful.

In other words, movement, deep breath, and sounds are the very characteristics of a Kundalini explosion.

This is in line with what we found when we worked with Stanislav Groff in analyzing and characterizing these events.

For the affected person it becomes a very unsettling experience.

Very rarely are there experienced teachers around who can guide them and assure them that they are safe.

These days in the Yoga circles a lot of times the word Kundalini is thrown around as if this is something close to enlightenment or at least something everybody should have. One woman who came to me was even hailed as some sort of saint.

It is none of that.

It is an energetic explosion that shoots through the chakras, can blast through the grantees (blocks) and can hopefully be set free throw the crown chakra.

This is at least the experience of western students. I have no authentic knowledge of how it looks when intense Kundalini practices like Pranayama and/or visualization are being used to force this to happen.

If you have never experienced this, don't worry, it is not necessary and Buddhists, for example, don't mention it at all to my knowledge.

But when I once gave a talk in a Seminar in front of hundreds of people, at least a third of them raised their hands, when I asked who had in one stage of their lives symptoms of this happening to them.

Get in touch if you suffer from the effects of Kundalini rising.

In my next blog, I will talk about symptoms and what you can do to stabilize them. And if you suffer from some effects of Kundalini raising or you know of somebody, feel free to contact me:

Lots of Love,



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