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Vedanta reflections on Corona: Now is the time to use your spiritual practice to deal with panic!

I am in Australia right now and like everywhere in the world the press pushes people into a frenzy. Literally people fighting over toilet paper. I feel compelled to put a Vedanta perspective onto this.

Panic is just fear on steroids.

When we are immediately confronted with a fearful situation and we are overwhelmed and unable to comprehend it, we go into a panic.

If a fearful situation is projected into the future, we tend to ignore it, like climate change.

Fear is ignorance of our true nature.

As it says in the Bhagavad Gita, what is real will always remain and what is only apparently real, don't worry about it.

Kundalini rising experience and support.

Why are we so easily manipulated?

Never was a spiritual practice more important than now and it will become more and more necessary in the future.

We humans are so disconnected from the inner reality that we are easily manipulated into irrational behaviour. As we learned, decisions should be made with a sattvic mind state and that is achieved through reflection and meditating.

What are we afraid of? That we may be dying?

The chances are very slim for most of us and if so, are we not dead already? Quoting the Bhagavad Gita again.

We lost our centre, we are ungrounded and people who are unrooted are susceptible to fear.

When you know the Self, you know that we are interconnected and Love will flow spontaneously to your fellow person.

Fear separates, in managing crises like this, it is the wrong response.

Sit down, close your eyes, feel your breath moving in and out and then realize the limitless uncreated actionless nature that you always have been.

Read material that focusses on the transpersonal nature, books from my teacher James Swartz or even my book that you get from the website.

Listen on YouTube to Swami Sarvapriyananda and in general be reminded of what is real and what only appears to be real.

And then go out and help, wherever you can.

Santosha is the responsibility of each one of us to raise the vibration from Fear to Love.

If we cant put our spiritual practice into action NOW, then when?

My love is will all of you

Swami Pujan

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