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Swami Pujan reached self-realization through the studying of the Upanishads and Vedanta with the help of his teacher, James Swartz, after many, many years being involved in Theavana and Mahayana Buddhism. He was a trained psychologist so his teachings bring in the western psychological angle. His wish is to bring the complex teachings of the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutras to a western audience that is relevant to their lives.

"Spirituality is a difficult subject to teach. It is often taught either by Indians that have difficulty connecting to their western audience through their constant use of Sanskrit names and stories that are often pulled out of an Indian contents. And with western teachers the difficulty is often that of too much intellectualising the subject. If it were not for my teacher James Schwartz, I would have maybe never found Advaita.

My wish is to bring the complex teachings of the Upanishads  and the Yoga Sutras to a western audience that is relevant to their lives. Spirituality has to be practical and not only philosophical!

There is a danger of course to oversimply the teaching, but i hope i can avoid this. You don't need to know Sanskrit, you don't need to believe in a God , you just have to have an open mind and use your intellect to understand the teachings. I love the logic in Vedanta and i want to bring that across in a non dogmatic fun and engaging way"




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Already at the age of a teenager in Germany, Betty was very aware of her desire for practicing body, mind and soul. Soon the longing for Mother India became an inner calling and she commenced her everlasting journey of yoga and adventure.


In India and Australia she completed from 1997 until 2003 several profound Iyengar yoga and Vinyasa yoga teacher trainings. During this time, Betty was also fortunate to do workshops with, and be guided by, some of the great yogis of our time: BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, T.K.V. Desikachar and AG Mohan.


She also is a qualified Pilates instructor and Laughter Yoga teacher. Over the past two decades, Betty has taught yoga everywhere from shalas in rural India, to mega-gyms in Sydney’s CBD. 


Her style of teaching can be described as fusion yoga, since her multi-disciplined approach combines everything from power vinyasa to yoga Nidra, a guided yogic sleep. Passionate about blending eastern and Western perspectives in her teaching, Betty is known for her ability to weave together intelligent sequencing, articulate alignment, and practical insights in an accessible manner. Her emphasis is on using the movement of strong asana to discover the quiet still-point within. 


The teenager in Germany has since trained thousands of yoga teachers all over the globe in 200- and 500-hour teacher trainings, and as resident teacher trainer at Byron Yoga Centre for 18 years. Betty continues to teach yoga and lead training courses in Koh Phangan, Thailand, where she lives with her husband, Swami Pujan. 


On top of teaching asana, Betty specialises in yoga Nidra. She has a special skill of creating scripts that guide people in and out of the restorative yogic sleep. Betty has produced four yoga Nidra CDs for adults and one for children. She has created a yoga Nidra teacher training, which is accredited as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider course. 




 Betty also thrives on creating spiritual journeys for people. She has been travelling to Mother India for decades and along with Swami Pujan takes groups of people on adventures there every year. 


She believes it’s important to deeply connect with the land and people in order to have the most fulfilling experiences. The time she has spent getting to know the locals and immersing herself in daily life in India make these journeys truly special and life changing. With Betty’s touch, these trips are the perfect combination of yoga, meditation . . . and hitting the shops.  


Betty and Pujan have been married for more than 35 years and have two children and three grandchildren. Proof that yoga can keep you young and energetic, the couple still travel the world together, sharing their knowledge and love of the yoga lifestyle in a fun, light-hearted way. 


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